Health Petition 

Knights of Aloha believes that the biggest weapon we have to destroy the current COVID-19 narrative in Hawaii is the testimony of our recovered citizens. The media likes to parade around unvaccinated positive cases to scare the public but then dismiss and disregard the tens of thousands who recover and receive natural antibodies.


Please complete or share the form below to grow our petition calling for common sense recognition of natural immunity and the rights of recovered COVID-19 patients. The database of names and the over 12 published studies in support of natural immunity and antibodies to COVID-19 will be submitted to legal advocates, City and State officials, as well as the media to demand that we be recognized and stop the madness of the 100% vaccination objective.

Petition to recognize natural immunity and recovered CoVID-19 patients in Hawaii.

Were you diagnosed in the last 6 months with CoVID-19 and since recovered?
Were you hospitalized with CoVID-19?
Have you received one or more CoVID-19 vaccine doses since recovery?
Did you receive a positive PCR or antigen test result for CoVID-19 from a publicly recognized testing site?
Is your job or livelihood currently being threatened by vaccine mandate?
Do you give consent to allow KOA to use your information publicly to demand recognition and accommodations for naturally recovered and immune survivors of Covid-19 in Hawaii?
Thanks for submitting!